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Hi, sorry this is a bit late but I haven't been on the forum for a while.

OK, I've got an A&K SVD. Out of the box mine was shooting at 540fps with 0.2bbs, although it appears that they can vary, as a team mate's shoots around 400fps. Mine has had to be downgraded as our local site has a 450fps limit for spring rifles. It takes AEG springs, although I'm told the PSG-1 spring is better as it's longer than a normal AEG spring, although they do fit and work, allbeit a bit lower on power thaqn in an AEG (I tried a 150 that in an AEG would probably give you 450+ fps and was only getting around 400fps in the SVD).

According to A&K's website, the OE inner barrel is a 6.08. It's quite a heavy weight brass barrel and is AEG style, so will take AEG hop rubbers or replacement AEG barrels. I've tried a Madbull 6.03 in mine but have currently reverted to the OE barrel, as there wasn't that much difference in accuracy.

The standard furniture is synthetic (i.e. black plastic) but does a good job. However, I've invested in a Wood King wood kit for mine (from RSOV) and it does make it look far more authentic. Fitting was without any real problem, except that the handguard was about 1mm short, so needed a little bit of tape in there to reduce any movement. Apparently each kit can be slightly different, so may need differing degrees of adjustment.

Most of the gun is metal. All the trigger parts are full metal, as is the receiver (lower & upper cover), the bolt, hop unit, outer barrel and gas tube, etc (basically everything but the OE furniture).

The one piece regarded as a possible weak point is the trigger sear. Mine is showing some signs of wear (I've put about 1500 rounds through mine up to now) but it should hold up for a good while longer. There was a steel replacement part available on the "" website but they have been out of stock for a while. Having said that, I've not yet managed to work out how to take the whole trigger mech apart to be able to fit a replacement.

The OE hop unit is a single piece of alloy which fixes to the outer barrel retainer by a push fit and retained by a single allen headed grub screw. It is quite a solid fixing and should not move. The OE hop rubber has a V inner nub, so that if you look down the barrel with the hop on you only see two small protrusions into the barrel, rather than the usual solid "bump" on an AEG hop. Apparently a Firefly hop rubber is similar but not having seen one I can't be sure.

Opinion is divided as to how effective this hop is. Up to about 30-35 yards it's very accurate (I can get scope crosshair point of impact using 0.3bbs) but thereafter it's a bit erratic, sometimes hitting on target out to 50+ yards, other times swinging left, right or up without any real consistency. I've tried adjusting the hop in and out but again, there isn't any consistency. I'm currently trialling a Madbull Shark (Red) hop rubber to see if that improves matters but as it's only had about 100 rounds through it as yet it's not settled down enough to be sure of any real improvement.

The biggest problem with the hop is the nub. It's a piece of silicone rubber tube that sits in a hole across the top of the hop rubber and is adjusted by way of pressure from a small allen headed grub screw. Mine is showing signs of wear already and suggestions on other forums are to replace this with a piece of cut up rubber O ring when it wears out. I'm also going to see if it's possible to replace it with a small H nub but although it should fit in the hole it looks to be quite difficult to make sure it sits in the correct place in the hole to ensure even and correctly centred pressure from the grub screw adjusted.

Without the removeable cheek rest attached the open sights are easy to use and, for standard airsoft ranges, can be accurate enough for kills out to about 50 yards or more. The built in scope rail will take the scope mounts meant for an SVD with ease, but you can use a standard AK side mount. However, these are meant for the deeper rails fitted to the AK74 and do not line up correctly with the centre line of the rifle, putting the scope about 3-4mm right of the centre line.

I've used an old CYMA AK side mount on mine (I can't justify spending over
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