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mmmm, when looking at an aftermarket before buying a gun (i.e. when i got my ASR) there are a few things I would consider.
1. what does it shoot stock? if its within 50fps of your goal, you probably wont need to worry about aftermarket springs etc since you can get there with DIY mods.
2. How difficult is it to mount a scope? Since this is the only real after market part you will really need to make it an effective sniper.
3. How hard is it to mount a bi-pod? I like bi-pods, some people dont, so it'll depend on your taste.
4. If you decide that you will need aftermarket parts you need to decide how comfortable you are doing your own work and what parts will work in it from other guns. This could be the most difficult part.

but if this all works for you I'd say go with it. Its always cool to see something different that not many people have, part of the reason I got the ASR in the first place...
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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