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Contemplated doing something similar myself but I dont feel like buying a new inner barrel, I imagine as long as you´re able to properly center the barrel there shouldn´t be any problems with BBs striking the end cap, . The idea I had was to use chicken wire to form a cylinder around an aeg spring(for stability) wich you would then wrap with cotton/jute or another appropriate material and slide in to the outer barrel. Of course making sure to center it so the BBs won´t strike it.

Though, if you are able to get your hands on those foam rings usually found in airsoft suppressors you could probably just slide those down the outer barrel. But I´ve had the best damping effect with coarse jute fabric.

Here´s my amazing paint drawing of the idea.
Blue being the inner barrel, red the spring and gray the chicken wire.
And green of course the material of choice to absorb that annoying excess sound.
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