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Interested in a Tanaka M24

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I have been wanting to get another rifle, and the Tanaka M24 is one that has always been on my "want list." But finding an M24 that has not been butchered is a hard task.

What I would like to find, is a used M24 with no upgrades, and no custom paint jobs. I do not care for the 29-round mag, the small 10-round mag is perfect. Does such a rifle exist out there?

If I can find it, and the price is right, I will pawn what I have to in order to get it...
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I have a line on a Tanaka M700 that comes with a an M24 stock... to me it looks like an M24, but the listing indicates M700. The rifle is also a pre-ban. In talking with the owner, he has indicated that the standard mags do leak, and he has temporarily fixed them with teflon tape.

His asking is $450 OBO. Is this a good price for a pre-ban M700/M24?


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Man it too expensive IMO.
I bought mine with a far more rare factory camo painted stock, 3 non leak mags, bipod and scope for $300 and yes it's preban.

The only difference between the various versions is the stock and the barrel on the Police.
All others have the same trades.
The only long action M24 was the CAW(not CA) M24(spring), but it's pretty rare and had the correct placement for mag.

Thanks Wolf... I was wondering why it was not selling. The seller has had it for a while now, including ebay.
If I get a Tanaka M24, I will probably stick with the 10-round mags, as it keeps the lines clean on the M24. I just wish they did not cost so much. Are they much different than the KJW mags?
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