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Interesting article on Air rifles...perhaps applicable to airsoft?

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The article discusses how altering piston weight and cylinder volumes can make an air rifle more efficient. Curiously, the cylinder volume is decreased, and the piston is lightened.
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Very interesting indeed!

I feel that a longer and thinner cylinder will definitely give more power and so will a larger exit hole.
a larger exit hole.
Can confirm, this does work. You can drill out a vsr10 cylinder head to get more energy. You can also weaken an airsoft gun by making the opening smaller.
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Yeah, this has been known for a while by most.
What this post proves(already proved) is that piston weighting is sometimes advantageous, and sometimes disadvantageous, which hopefully people will realize.
What isn't comparable is airgun pellet expands with pressure and has quite a bit of friction during the entire travel inside the barrel.
And the HW97 long barrel (competition model) is weaker than the HW97K (hunting model short barrel).
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