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Intresting Concept.

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Me and my friends were chatting about making a CQB Sniper Rifle.

Now, you're probably thinking "How stupid are you Hoggie". Well, the FPS Limit in Michigan is 350 FPS for CQB. Now, as you may know, you couldn't snipe if you dreamed of it. But, I've been thinking about this.

Basically, the build would be a ~340 FPS Spring
450mm Tightbore (Depends on guns build, of course)
Hop-up Unit could stay the same
Laylax Piston+Spring Guide
.25g BB's
Red Dot Sight/ACOG Sight

The concept is kind of shakey to me, of course. I think still the APS-2 would be a good choice because the stock can shorten up.

Now, the best part about this is that you'd have a lot of range for the gun. I understand CQB is suppose to be fast paced, but, in any urban situation, the sniper is not "feeble".
There is two flanks, in which are hallways, and people can bunker up, or completely run through to flank. The sniper could be sitting in a corner, where he can shoot across the area, aswell and sniping the people who come down the hallway. Now, the way I see this, this could be so efficent.
Where I play, we also have outdoors. This could be the holy grail of the CQB Sniper. You could SHRED the field as you can shoot basically across it.

Now, what would be the be the pros to doing this instead of running and gunning with your 350 FPS AEG? You could take much longer shots, be more accurate, be extremely unique to the whole CQB scence, it's cheaper BB wise (Not that they cost THAT much anyway.) and the biggest one, you don't have to risk it when you are playing and risk getting out. You could get some distance and the person, and since they are more than likely using .2, They probably won't have that great of range, meaning it's basically you free shot + kill if you hit.

Recap: In action, you'd have to know what you were doing, aswell and have a good shot. You wouldn't even have to buy a new gun, and I'm seriously thinking about trying this out at our local CQB place. It's a concept and a theoritical possible.

Let me know what you guys think. It seems like it COULD work, but hey, who knows.
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Its an interesting concept and By Woogie a followed out Idea. It's definitely do-able but maybe just go with a DMR? Oh no wait ye have higher limits so your DMR would be set up for outside. Then as woogie said get an air brake or follow my silencing guide in the others section and it will be super quiet. I mean you won't hear it 25ft away.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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