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Hello Airsoft Sniper Community!

I am an airsoft sniper hailing from the upper Midwest of the USA. I’ve been using this forum for general information as I get into things and thought it was about time I introduced myself:

My squad mates (and others in my region) know me as Pixel, as between games I often center myself by playing gameboy or on other handhelds with emulators (my other primary hobby!). I have been in the game for a little over a year, primarily as a sniper but also dabbling in other roles.
I’m hoping to more actively engage in the community and contribute/more easily benefit from the flow of information. Thanks for having me!

Because gear is oh so interesting, here is my loadout (most fields near me have a 2.8-3.0j limit on Sniper class):

Modify Steyr Scout
SSG10 A3


Striker AS02 (heavily modded, first rifle. Holds a special place in my hear and learned to kinda tech on it)
G&G SR15 (Pretty well tuned, use it for when I need a change of pace and to let friends try airsoft with)
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