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Hi all, my name is Alex


First of all, I would like to thank all the members of the forum, because there is a huge amount of high-quality information about airsoft guns tunning and upgrade.
This forum was my main source of information and finally helped me to have an adequate VSR build.

So the story started in 2016 when I was more or less familiar with airsoft at all, but never tried it sniping and I was really wondered that highly tuned rifle could get targets even up to 100m (ha-ha, that time I didn't know how difficult is it). Obviously, I was inspired by thousands of youtube sniper gameplay videos, so I decided to get a VSR-10 from TM.
Many people asked me, why is it no CYMA? That time CYMA rifles just appeared at the shops and there was not too much CONFIDENT information, about what is inside, and is it really so similar to TM.

So, my first upgrade was:
  • "Reinforced" unknown 45 trigger from airsoft pro (which actually was not too much reinforced)
  • Airsoft pro black steel cylinder.
  • PPS piston-spring-spring guide from aluminum
  • Unknown cylinder head with O-ring on the nozzle (actually quite good)
  • Maple Leaf Autobot bucking
  • Crazy Jet 6.02 barrel - 428mm

Soo, this set up worked, I had around 180 ms for 0.2 bbs, but I still had some problems:
  • It was necessary to polish the cylinder outside, otherwise, it was too difficult to pull it after every shot.
  • I almost had no accuracy. Of course, Crazy Jet Barrel was better than stock one, but I had too many random shots (like over-hopped or under hopped, left, right, etc). After that I made like a small version of TDC, so I removed the stock adjustment and replaced it with the bolt on the top, but still, the consistency of the shots was poor.
  • I even bought Airsoft Pro aluminum hop-up lever for the stock TM chamber and shimmed it with insulation tape, but still, results were not enough.
.. By the way I was shooting MadBull .43.

Anyway, it was quite enough to play, so with this set up I went for one of the largest games at my region (~1500 persons).
What a nice times it was, I didn't make too many hits from the rifle during the day phase (just 1 or 2 hits from around 30m) but our night play was amazing, and we made around 15 hits (0 from the rifle by the way, all of them were knife kills).

Big game big guns!

Right after that game, the "Reinforced" trigger failed. After disassembly, I find that the piston stopper was worned but I also found significant wear on the cylinder. 45 degrees trigger cause the piston to put extra stress on the cylinder during reloading (because it pushes the piston not only back but also on the top).

IMG_20210503_201534.jpg IMG_20210503_201159.jpg IMG_20210503_201623.jpg
After around 200 shots this set up was already damaged

So, when I saw this, I decided not to continue with 45 triggers anymore and bought an AirsoftPro trigger v4 + AirsoftPro zinc coated cylinder + cylinder head.

After that, I didn't have any problems with the trigger itself, but after 100-200 shots I've met this weird thing, that after each reloading my bolt (cylinder) didnt came back in his initial position. Something stopped him just in 1mm before it, so it didn't come back completely. At that time, I just leaved it as it is, since it was not affecting too much on anything, and I already had a quite poor accuracy so it was just still poor.

After 2016 I had a huge break in the airsoft for around 4 years, and in 2021 I just decided to go back, with a more attentive to details approach. It was 3rd huge upgrade of the rifle, which main goal was the most difficult things - accuracy and shots consistency.

  • I decided to not fight with the stock hop-up chamber and just bought ML one.. To be honest, I would rate its quality as 4/10... Yes, everything is CNCed and made of steel, but there are really HUGE plays of arm and adjuster which kills all the accuracy and benefits of it. However, this time I was determined and stubborn, so I fixed all the plays. The play of the adjuster was fixed with a small plate of aluminum (I cut it from the aluminum can) and glued to the adjuster surface. Now it moves just left and right without any play. Play of the arm fixed with teflon scotch (1 layer on the left and 3 layers on the right). Interesting, but if you just put 2 left and 2 right - the arm would not be aligned with the barrel.. And finally, after that, I even shimmed the pin which is the center of rotation of the arm. It had a small play and I also cut a tiny piece of aluminum and put inside the arm together with the pin. Now the arm is 100% tightened and protected from any misalignment. It was also strange, that ML bucking doesn't fit ML chamber perfectly. For some reason, the space for the bucking in a chamber is about 1mm longer than the bucking itself. So I used Modify X range hop-up bucking (65 degrees) which is exactly 1mm longer and fits the ML chamber perfectly. So now, it all works well, but action army one is the next thing to buy - 100%.
  • I made an experiment about teflon tape between the bucking and inner barrel, aaaand - yes it is working. Without it I didn't have full compression in the gun, and when I used my finger to close the inner barrel during an empty shot - I clearly heard that I had airleak somewhere. In this case I had 150ms of 0.2 and 105ms of 0.48 bbs. When I used Teflon tape to cover the connection between barrel and bucking I finally had a proper air seal. I can hold the whole volume of the air inside the gun by keeping closed its barrel with the finger. As soon as I release my finger, I can hear how the piston finally touches the cylinder head. This time gun showed 165ms of 0.2 and 115ms of 0.48s.
  • I finally solved this weird thing with AirsoftPro zero trigger - an issue that bolt doesn't come back completely (thanks to this forum agian). It was the spring stopper. For no reason, this part from AirsoftPro have a slightly different design (it have change in the profile, closer to the trigger, while usual stoppers have the same profile for all the length), but it was enough to make it lean a bit during the spring charging, so the stopper and spring guide doesn't allow cylinder to come back completely. Solution - I just a bit modified and used an old spring stopper from the "Reinforced" 45 trigger. Now it all finally works perfectly.
AirsoftPro on the left and classic one on the right

  • Remember my first experience with a crazy jet? Now I understand, that previously, most of the accuracy problems were because of the hop-up unit, but in the past, I was not sure. So I also bought a PDI 6.01 430mm barrel, which is quite famous in the airsoft sniper community. And you know what? Comparing to the crazy jet - it was completely useless. I had 2 experiments with my gun and exactly the same set ups. The only difference were barrels PDI and CJ. I didn't make notes, unfortunately, but I need to admit that I had around 40% more random failed shots with PDI barrel than with CJ one. CJ demonstrated much more stability and accuracy, especially for long distances. Really, it was one of my strongest surprises during the tunning process, that CrazyJet 6.02 > PDI 6.01 in terms of accuracy. Later, I found a topic here that says that CJ really helps to decrease the amount of turbulence during the shot, which helps for overvolumed guns. I calculated my ratio and found that yes, that is the case of the low PDI performance in my case.
  • At the end, I finally decided to follow the advice that I found here, and used mask tape for barrel spacers instead of insulation one. Not sure, what was the influence of this upgrade, since I was testing all the things together.

So in the end, with the setup above - I've finally got adequate accuracy and shot consistency ~A4 sheet at 70m in ideal conditions (115ms with .48 bbs BLS). It was a long way - full of fails and mistakes, but it is also part of the game. To be honest, I found, that I really enjoyed the process of gun tunning, and I had more fun doing this, rather than getting accurate and long shots during the game.

Once again I would like to thank this community, which was a great source of information during this long way.


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Well, I'm glad you got your gun working lol.

I've been doing VSR-10 stuff for 3 years and always find a new place to polish, but a piece of tape, file down, or replace, and it's pretty annoying sometimes, but all in all it is quite fun.

Anyways, good luck with your sniper, and try to improve every bit you can.
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