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Hello Airsoft Sniper Community!

My handle is Whiskey Whiskey which is the phonetic radio abbreviation of my Lakota name, Watchi Witco, which in the Lakota language means "Crazy Dance". I am a veteran of the US Army where I served in Light Infantry and Special Missions Groups for several years (several years ago!). My son and I have been playing Airsoft together for almost 20 years and it gets better every year. My philosophy about Airsoft is simple - be safe, have fun, learn new things every day, and help your brothers in arms whenever you can.

I'm more into sniping and marksmanship than other play styles, although when playing arena, I play a style I call "Heckler" with AEG and SMG style rifles (to include my PPSH!). I'm also lightly into some WW II stuff, mostly on the US side.

I own several spring airsoft rifles of various styles and manufacturers, and I'm now working on my first HPA sniper build. I also own two Cyma SVD's (Paratrooper and Classic) which make great field legal DMR's, and a great Cyma AEG with R-Hop that throws almost as far as the DVD's even though it has a lower FPS (SVD's ~ 440, R-HOP AEG ~ 385).

When playing my spring snipers, I play a more lay and wait, recon sniper play style, with radio, Guille shroud, and pistol. When playing my DMR's, I play a more active move with the team designated marksman play style, no Guille shroud or radio.

I've worked with kit a lot as well, and I have developed a simple kit system that easily lets me change weapon and play styles by just swapping out my belt.

I live in Laguna Pueblo New Mexico and mostly play on private and pay to play fields near Albuquerque and my own land.

Always ready to learn more, share more, help more, and do more!

Stay Airsofty!

Whiskey Whiskey
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