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intro post

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my name is Leonard and i am a long time lurker and forum goer.

i am 16 and live in new york with my mom bla bla bla...

havent done anything serious with airsoft but my first build will hopefully be complete this christmas. i plan on doing a polarstar dmr with an airstock or a custom co2 airstock (im looking at you dobey) and i also want to use a custom ss barrel from careful. he sells 200-350 usd barrels that are custom made. it will have an inner barrel length of 455mm and be super tight. i want to get the most air efficiency with an airstock so im thinking 5.98mm inner diameter and some high quality ceramic/ ceramic zirconium. you know the ones that cost like 20c a bb LOL. i dont want to be that guy trying to lob bbs far away. is just want to be able to HS snipe that machine gunner supressing my squad from 230feet away 10 out of 10 times i take the shot. also look at this link. i am NOT sponsered by rap4

RAP4 Air Systems
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Please don't use ceramic BBs while playing with other people, you could really hurt someone. 5.98 is actually useless in a P*, the system works much better with widebores such as the Orga Magnus. With the 5.98mm barrel you'll be cleaning that thing all the time, literally. A bore that tight also provides a smaller air cushion for your BB, thus decreasing accuracy and increasing FPS. 10/10 @ 230' is obtainable, but you'll spend quite a bit of time and money on upgrades. The link to Rap4 is also unnecessary.
Welcome to the forum Leonard.

thanks for the reply, i dont think im going to use 5.98mm because that would limit my ammunition choice. i think 6.00 inner diameter will be fine. im choosing to use such a tight diameter to increase my air efficiency. also i wont shoot anyone with ceramics. but if i get my hands on some zirconium .66 gram airsoft bbs once my build is complete...
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