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I've been scouring this site for the past few months trying to absorb as much info as possible. I come from a background of unofficial games with friends in the woods of New Hampshire. I've always been a sniper, but I am looking at stepping up my game by get more invested into the role and playing at fields in my area. Unfortunately New Hampshire has only 1 or 2 fields I can find, but good thing one is only 45 minutes away.

In the past I've used an MB06, (which worked great until the hop-up arm broke, but the other internals held up well), an AIM TOP CO2 GBB SVD (looks cool and fun to use, but is too loud for sniping, shoots way too hot, and the trigger sears wore down quickly), and my new project and primary weapon is a JG BAR 10. Currently has a TDC mod as well as shimming and floss/teflon tape on the Hop-up, paper barrel spacer, heat-shrink on the cylinder head, and a clay filled stock.

I'm hoping to do some in depth experimental and theoretical work on BB weights with respect to flight distance, rotational momentum, analysis of the Magnus effect, and all that good physics stuff and post my findings to the forum, as well as get some questions answered about playing in the cold weather of NH (<50° F for 4 months of the year) as my experiences extend past backwoods games.

Thank you everyone on the forum for all your work making this info available to the novice tinkerer. :bow:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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