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Hey there, just got back into airsoft after having taken a break whilst at uni, I've owned a few AEGs but always wanted to have a good sniper rifle so recently took the plunge and bought a VSR-10.

A lot of the information I used to purchase my first round of upgrades came from this forum (I've done a lot of lurking) so I thought I'd register as a member to make better use of a great resource!

How my gun sits right now:

TM VSR-10 Pro
AA Hop-Up Unit
AA M130 Spring
AA 90 Degree Zero Trigger + Piston
AA Cylinder + Cylinder Head
AA Spring Guide
AA Barrel Spacers
TM Stock Hop Rubber
TM Stock Inner Barrel

BSA Essential 3-9 x 40 Scope
Guarder High Scope Rings
AA Rail

I've also bought a Prometheus Inner Barrel + R-Hop kit that I have yet to install as I need to buy a spare bucking or two since I don't want to hack up an existing one and I'm not confident I'll get it right the first time.
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