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Hello, I am a new sniper from Missouri, USA who is, at the time of this post, finishing my first build of a JG bar-10. My home field is The Rock Airsoft in Bolivar, MO which is super cool as it is an abandoned rock quarry. There are some super long ranges to make shots out there and I can't wait to see what I can do. I am currently an AEG player with my krytac lova-c which I love but have always wanted to get into the sniper game.
Will post pics of my baby when I finish!

This forum has helped me a ton while researching sniper parts and I am glad to finally join. Looking forward to speaking with everyone on here and I will post some pics of my build when I am done.

If anyone wants to help a new guy out real quick I have a few questions (sorry if this is against the rules here I figured this post might get some additional traffic and I want to finish my build ASAP):

Barrel thread adapter for a suppressor on a stock jg bar10 outer barrel:
I'd like one since the guy I purchased the rifle from took off the stock orange but didn't replace it with anything. I don't want to purchase one blind so if anyone knows of one that works I would appreciate it.

Spring Guide:
The tldr with this one.... laylax PSS10 M170 is too small to fit on the stock spring guide so I need a new guide. Is the laylax PSS10 spring guide a 7mm (I need a 7mm) or are there any other 7mm spring guides out there that I could buy from the US? Any info is appreciated.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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