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Hi my name is cleanish and im new to the asf community.

I got into airsoft sniping 1year ago but never tried the tech way because i had a ssg24.
However i always wanted to tune a sniper and get the maximum performance out of it so i bought a vsr10

Upgrade list:

Edgi cylinder
Edgi cylinder head
Edgi spring guide
Edgi piston
Edgi trigger sear
Edgi piston sear
Edgi spring guide stopper
AA hopup chamber
ML autobot 60
ML omeganub
Field limit is 500fps but currently have 450fps and 2.1J with 0.43

Effective range around 65m shooting with 0.43 longbow

First thing i learned here was that im not that smart of buying full edgi ^^

I'm currently working on my rifle to get perfect airseal (piston is perfect only when i put the barrel onto receiver i have some airleak prob need to try some teflon tape around bucking)

Hope to learn more about tech and get some advice over my build :)

Kind regards,

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Welcome, glad to have you!!!

I suggest that you look around the forum to try and improve your stuff, but it is probably as simple as putting a layer or two of aluminum can on the bottom of your hop chamber to push it upwards.
I also suggest that you make an ejection port cover, Blind Sniper cylinder guide sleeve, and the SS-arm that's in my signature as they will help with longevity, air seal, and range/accuracy.

Besides that, polish or lap your barrel or get a new one, and make some barrel spacers out of painters tape and foam.
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