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Hello there! My name is Jon. You can call me "Split" if you'd like:)
First time being on any forum and I am honored to be part of this forum.

I started Airsoft back in late 2010 (fall) with a couple of guys from the local high school. I started with some sort of cheap m16. It shot around 330 fps, it was inaccurate, loud, inconsistent, ect. After my first game running around in a dark green hoodie and jeans like a champ, I realized this was for me. The typical biased I got from other "experienced" players was that sniping was not fun. Or not good for a new player to start playing steadily. I ended up ignoring them, bought myself a JG-Bar 10. I absolutely loved the play style. The patience and the "lonerness" fit me perfectly. I eventually broke the Bar10 because I was uneducated and thought that the greater the fps the better the gun. I would compensate by using .30 gram bbs. It started slam firing. After dumping $150 trying to fix it I decided to scrap the project. Currently in the mail heading my way is a Toyo Marui L96 AWS. Which will be my new gun/project. Anyways, enough rambling. I really didn't get out all I wanted to say but that should suffice for now.

Guns: Rifle: TM L96 AWS (Stock, for now), KJW P226.
Camo: Hunting Jacket/Pants (Works extremely well, ask for pictures)
Other Hobbies: Hanging with Girlfriend, friends, mountain biking, target shooting (RS).
Dwelling: Western Mass
How I will contribute to the forums: I will provide reliable answers to all topics I can answer, I will post guides on camo, ballistics for my replicas and, plenty of pictures!
What I will gain from the forum: Better punctuation, spelling, answers to any and all sniper questions I may have that cannot be answered with the search of Google and I need peer help.

I hope that was a decent intro:-/ Thank you so much for all the info I have read here and allowing for me to join freely.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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