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My name is Michael, I live and MilSim in Arkansas.

Call sign is Hathcock. Yes in reference to Carlos

I have been involved in MilSim since June of 2009. I love this sport!

I served in the US Army. I spent 6 yrs in as 11Bravo1P. I served in the 1/504 82ND ABD and then the 1/501 6ID----25Th ID.

I also spent 12 yrs as a police officer, though I build wind turbines now.

I have several sniper platforms.
JG Bar 10 with complete Laylax build 540ish fps
KS/US Socom M24. in process of building it up
L96 Maruzen ( in pieces need to build it)
Echo 1 M14 stock.....about to build it.

numerous m4 and m16 platforms

Daddy loves his Bar 10. Cannot take credit for the build. My good friend Bushman built it for me.

I have come back around to the love of marksmanship. I have found the challenge and reward is much greater for me in this role. I hope to find and soak up the vast knowledge here on this site.
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That must be one hell of an efficient rifle to be pushing 700 FPS out of a 170... I've got a VSR with a Laylax 170 pushing 563 without an airbrake...
It's all good man, I would actually love to know if that was a 170 and if so, how the hell you managed that. I'm not talking down or anything.

Forgot this: Thank you for your service.
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