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My name is Michael, I live and MilSim in Arkansas.

Call sign is Hathcock. Yes in reference to Carlos

I have been involved in MilSim since June of 2009. I love this sport!

I served in the US Army. I spent 6 yrs in as 11Bravo1P. I served in the 1/504 82ND ABD and then the 1/501 6ID----25Th ID.

I also spent 12 yrs as a police officer, though I build wind turbines now.

I have several sniper platforms.
JG Bar 10 with complete Laylax build 540ish fps
KS/US Socom M24. in process of building it up
L96 Maruzen ( in pieces need to build it)
Echo 1 M14 stock.....about to build it.

numerous m4 and m16 platforms

Daddy loves his Bar 10. Cannot take credit for the build. My good friend Bushman built it for me.

I have come back around to the love of marksmanship. I have found the challenge and reward is much greater for me in this role. I hope to find and soak up the vast knowledge here on this site.
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This is one of my DMR rifles. Everything was put together. Nothing fancy. It has an upgraded JG gearbox and shoots around 450.
This is my Bar 10. Bushman did all the work, so I do not have pictures of the build. It has a Zero Trigger, Laylax Piston and cylinder. I believe the spring to be a 170. We had to airbrake it to 550. It shot around 700 fps with .20 when we first chronoed it. The inner barrel is a 6.01 JG barrel. The scope is a modest 3x9.

There are 4 of these as Bushman built them. Each of them perform the same. We have achieved 100 yds + with them.

My first build alone will be the KS/US Socom. I will do build pics of it as I build.
IDk lol. I dont know for sure what the spring was. I didnt build it. I believed it was a 170. But, apparently it was higher. LOL. I was there when we chronoed it. It jumped to a bit over 700 fps and we looked at each other with jaws dropped. We chronoed it several times and got the same result. We had to play with the airbrake to get it down. Bushman does a rainx polish on the inner barrel that seems to increase fps . But, I cant be sure what the spring was. Only what it chronoed.

Youll have to forgive me if I mis-speak. Ive only built a few AEGs never a sniper. Bushman built them, I shot them. LOL
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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