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I am a begining forumer and I have been doing airsoft for a few months now, and what little I've played I always carry a AMG L96 and a Crossman P9T aka P99 which is my temporary pistol I have a gas USP but I have to get gas for the only airsoft war I've been in was backyard but I finally found an airsoft field and store in my area. I really enjoy sniping on the field a hope to take in a lot of information from my fellow snipers sorry about all of the recent confusion earlier I am new to the foruming world hope to get a lot of advice

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Thank you for making an intro post.

I would do some reading around, see what you can learn. There is a huge amount of information on here, you just have to find what you are looking for.
Welcome to the forum..... Properly this time.

Don't make new threads before you do some search, most likely everything you want to ask is already answered.
Spent some time reading, as Cheese-Man said there a indeed huge amounts of information.

Enjoy your stay.
Yeah thats for sure I'm soon going to be making a custom ak47 I think I'm going to try and turn it into a scout sniper by puting a nice scope on it and when I get that done I'll post some pics of it on here.
Are you 2 on here regularly

Yes, I am and so is wolf. Please don't double post, use the edit feature.
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Yeap both are regulars here... I personally stay logged in all day!

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