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Hi. I am a 33 year old player who has played non stop since 16 years of age. I have done alsorts in my gaming career from run a long standing club, work in an Airsoft Workshop, to appear on British BBC TV

However my passion has always been about hitting players before they see me. Stealth, observation and cunning are all skills I have relied on for a hundreds of days of gaming. Nearly all of our games are several days long. Indeed our old club is where the phrase "HARDCORE 24 HOUR GAMING" originated.

I have played many many events from 2-7 days long and well over a dozen of them have been 5 day games. Well over 365 days (and I mean FULL days) in the field.

The games we play have developed into something different to the norm; we play with only a few dedicated players on vast areas, for long periods. Events are a cross of hunting and orienteering to make a hybrid sport: HUNTEERING. Our modern version of the sport, utilises Airsoft rifles for some games. Other games open up public land by substituting guns for cameras.

We also make high quality films of such field events and have sent them all over the world. Currently we are applying for funding for a future film too. ;)

The bolt actions I have owned include:

APS2 MK2 SPORTER (walnut stock)
KJW M700P (version1)
Tanaka m40a1 PCS pre ban (with 2 roy conversion kit)

Check out our website :

Anyway, nice to get onto this dedicated forum. Best wishes to you all. Hopefully I'll be able to contribute some useful posts.

Good Hunting :)

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Welcome to the boards Bushman, I've been a fan of yours for a little while now. I think you were one of the inpirations that got me into airsoft and playing the role of a Sniper. Good to know that you've come to our neck of the woods, hopefully we can provide you with any information we can offer.

A little background about me is that I'm in the Delayed Entry Program to be a SEAL, I chose the SEALs because of the Scout/Sniper Program in there, and that is what I hope to do in it. I've only been playing airsoft for almost one year, but I too, have spent many a days in bushland.

Anyways, I'd love to see some of your other footage, I watched some of your YouTube videos, it's cool how you guys catch fish and whatnot in the downtime, the only thing I saw out of shape was how you guys didn't have your goggles on at night, is that because it's a cease fire?

Either way, welcome to the boards, +1 for doing it right, and feel free to bring your friends on our boards and we'll try to bring our group of guys to your website.

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Hey thanks.

No the times you see us without goggles on are not in FIELD HUNTEERING EVENTS (using Airsoft guns). They are simply when we have been filming, camping out (social) or playing CROSS COUNTRY HUNTEERING (uses cameras instead of guns) so no eye protection is required.

When we used to run a club, there was a mandatory cease fire from 12 midnight till 6am on all events. You never know what some players are going to do and it was for their own safety (to make them sleep and look after themselves). Now there is no longer a club open to walkons and only a handfull of dedicated/experienced/trusted players attend by invite only, there is no such CEASE FIRE.

Gaming is continious and players sleep with goggles on (as seen in 1 film).

I failed to omit I spent was in the green howards infantry (territorial army) for a short stint and got to go on some excellent firing ranges including CQB range, "jungle range" and section battle ranges :)

However, really I started off hunting with scoped air rifles and .22LR for rabbits at a young age and was lucky enough to get oppertunity to shoot on a british ambassadors estate with great success.

I have made several ghillie suits over the years from large poncho style to jackets. However, I do favour the WEBTEX CONCEALMENT VEST (not easy to source in the US I believe). It is excellent when foliage is is full bloom and grass is long(summer/autumn).

Well, I have got to go as, I've run out of time. Off to go and shoot zero some rifles and set up some decoys for tommorrow (crow shooting).

Good Hunting ;)

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For those who do not already know him he is the same PhantomBushmaster on the Arnies forum. He has a review on the Webtex Concealment Vest. Ill post the video link because the Still Images dont do it justice on how well it does concealing him.

Phantom you are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful lands covered in very nice foliage. Alot of us are from Michigan and we have basic woodlands. There are also beautiful but cruel at times due to lack of such nice vegetation but we all get around just fine. I also hunted rabbits. I did it with my grandpa and with my uncle. He had .22 rounds from 20 years ago that still fire amazingly. He bought them for 2$ at the corner store down in Georgia.

Nice to see a guy from "across the pond" on these forums.

Welcome to the forums.

Webtex Concealment Vest
6mm Lone Hunters Video
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