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Introduction: Patience/Badger

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My name is Rickard, and my callsign is "Badger" - well, the Swedish equivalent anyway: "Grävling".
Badger was already taken on this forum, hence, Patience.

I have been playing airsoft since fall 2010, mostly CQB, and now there's pressure from my airsoft clan to move on to woodland play, and the only role I feel any real attraction to is that of the sniper.

My primary weapons are a TM Hi-capa 5.1 custom, a WE Hi-capa 5.1 custom and a ASG Super 90 Shorty. I have a pair of P90's (one CA RD and a TM Tri-rail), but they rarely see any game time since I do not really enjoy using fully automatic weapons.

I'm looking for a good rifle and I am probably going for a VSR-10 or a BAR-10 because I like the way they look. Additionally they have been around and seem to be the go-to rifle if you want a good AS-sniper rifle.
Incidentally, if you have some experience with the Snow Wolf VSR-10, please contact me, I really want to know if that rifle lives up to the hype. I'm currently holding off buying a rifle because I'm still looking for reviews on that one.

I haven't got any real camo yet, I'm every bit as green as they come concerning sniping, but I plan on sewing a Ghillie Cape once I've played a few games with a sniper rifle and then take it from there.

I live in Sweden, a couple of miles north of the capital.

I'm basically here to find info on sniping, rifle uppgrades and tips and tricks. I look forward to getting help, growing as a AS-sniper and eventually helping out in return! =)
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Hello, welcome here. I am pretty sure you will enjoy woodland play, although the transition might be a little bit difficult.
Welcome to the boards! We have TONS of stuff floating around here on the VSR series, have fun! :)
Some tips about going from cqb to woodland,
-It will be a LOT easier to hide, a woodland/flecktarn/flora pattern suit combined with a nice bush can do wonders.
-The pace of the game is slower, running will make you spotted, and suppressed with enemy fire, so take it easy, and stand up only when the game has just started and there is no way an enemy can have a line of sight on you.
-Watch your steps, where you take them, how you take them and when you take them, a slow step is quieter. Watchout for sticks and slippery spots, move with the wind, the forest moves when there is wind, so should you.
Woah, what a welcome! Thanks for the tips! I'll put them to good use. :)
Welcome to the boards!!!! This is definitely the place to be if you need info on airsoft sniping!

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