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Name: Tor
Callsign: Bushmaster Actual
Location: Nykoping, Sweden
Team Status: I play in a local team(the only in my town) on a regular basis, I'm a member of the coucil. Been playing since I was 16, now I'm 18. They changed the rules to 18 due to Swedish law this year.
Age: 18
Loadouts/weapons: Swedish Army standard uniform M90 with M90 boots and boonie, ghillie poncho(home made, Jing Gong G36E,simple chestrig and a Classic Army M24 Civilian.

Little background on myself: As written above, I play on a regular basis, and our games are more of a social meeting than a game, since we always sits and talks before, between gamestops and after the game, we har our own community we could say. I live in Sweden, a country in a northen part of Europe. I live in Nykoping, a small town with 50,000 people in it. I've been in the military since I was 15, my dad is an old officer, who showed me the way into the homeguard, were I've been taught weapons handling as well as survivor skills in the summer as well in the cold winter.

Airsof Experience: I ofthen tend to play as a sniper/designated marksman, most people would prefer a sidearm, rather than a assault rifle. I'm the kind of guy who walks alone(not on bigger games) often shoot at a grop of people, then dissapear, I'm famous for dissapearing into the forest. Even though my ghillie suit is not the gratest, it works for my enviroment.

Weapons Upgrades: The CA M24 Civ is un touch, basicly because I got it a month ago, the G36 however is upgraded with a new piston with metal teeth, a systema motor and a 6.02 barrel as well as four barrel spacers and with the 2.5x scope its quite a fearsome dmr.

That was my intro post, if I posted it at a bad place, please move it for me.
If my spelling was wrong, please forgive me, as english is my second language.
Thank you for letting me in to this comunity!
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