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Introduction- project plans

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Hi, just thought I would get around to doing a quick introduction on who I am and what I am doing here.

A little about me - I am currently a full time university student studying "industrial product design" in New Zealand, however for many years I have been playing airsoft, but for almost longer than that I have been fixing and making airsoft guns. My first gun was a TM vsr-10 and I am still sniping with the same rifle 6 years later. My area of expertise is mainly with the vsr-10's and the kjw m700 but I have also had tec experience with most aeg's.

Now for the more interesting bit why I'm here - I'm current working impart with an experimental airsoft development group cloud7industries. Beside our name we are really just a small group of reasonably talented individuals who enjoy the sport and are working on manufacturing custom airsoft guns and parts. The reason I have joined this form is to show and share our ideas and designs with our fellow airsoft community. I am also personally an avid airsoft sniper myself and have a strong interest in this area.

The Project -Well there is no real one project, we have many projects currently in development but here are the ones which will be of most interest to members of this forum.
1- We are creating an airsoft sniper (mostly) from the ground up, the design is not based off an original real steel rifle but will be rather built around the sniping system itself. The system will be powered by CO2/HPA and is not a propane conversion.
2- This project is a little smaller but will interest the vsr-10 users out there. We are creating a drop in vsr-10 HPA/CO2 bolt which will run of an external rig. I understand that there are some existing products on the market such the KA drop in gas bolt which runs off propane which is not the best as far as fps consistency is concerned. Also I understand that a user called "monsterairsoft" which I believe to be on the "classic airsoft forums" has some experience with vsr-10 and HPA however I have struggled to find him or any information on what he has done, only mentions of him in the forums (any links would be a great help).

Final words - Well I guess that covers why I am here and who I am, I will hopefully be posting more on these projects as they progress. I am also interested in others users projects and will try to lend a hand where I can. Just a warning, everything I know is either from practical experience or uncovered from some dark hole on the internet so fell more than free to correct me or simply tell me that I am wrong. Besides the projects above we have many more and more information can be found on our website once they are under way
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