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Introduction Thread

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My name is Jeremy, I currently have no cal-sign.It has been awhile and I can't remember if i made and intro thread or not; plus I've changed a lot. Around one year ago I started into real airsoft, since as a kid i was obsessed. For the past seven months I have been without a gun due to a tech mishap, but eventually I got a custom Inferno SMP out of it after I had already dropped around $400-$500. The important part is I am starting back into airsoft after a long wait. I currently live in the western-central Florida area and if you would like to pair or group up a local field just message me. My current build is (forgive me if a leave out some parts I'm adjusting) A Inferno SMP, dropped into a airsoft junkies receiver, novaske rails, magpul pistol grip, and a G&G stock.

Jeremy Out.
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Welcome to ASF.
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