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Hello! My name is David and I don't have a callsign. I have been into airsoft for two months now and have been having a great time. I am an active duty Naval Officer stationed in Tampa, FL. I am a "Ship driver" and have very little infantry experience, so there has been a steep learning curve in CQB and Woodsball. However, I have been a marksman in .22 and .223 since the mid-nineties and the prospect of using those skills in airsoft interests me very much. I currently use a G&G M4 and JG G36C for AEGs and recently purchased a Well SR22 (MB05). I have multi-cam but no specific sniper camo. My other hobbies are my two kids and inline speed skating.
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welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. Do you use a sidearm when you run with your MB05 or do you use one of your aeg's? I have always found an aeg to be too cumbersome with my bolt action rifle, so I stick to gbb pistols.
Thanks guys. I have yet to take the rifle into the field, but when I do I expect I will bring my GBB M9 vice an AEG. I do have a compact G36 that may work but I am afraid of if banging around while moving.
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