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Name: Tom

Callsign: Crow Feather (when all ghillied up)/ Copperhead (all other times)

Experience: Playing Airsoft for around seven years (played paintball before that, but got tired of all the dickishness). Have my fair share of security and law enforcement training. Eagle Scout, been training scouts in Wilderness Survival for almost 10 years now.

Arsenal: Echo 1 M28, CA M4 (nothing stock left in it), CA G36c, TM P90 (bought it when I first got into Airsoft, changed nothing but barrel and bucking, and it still shoots great to this day), Echo1 MP5a4 (my loaner gun).

My camo: For sniping: Handmade ghillie suit: Digital Woodland coveralls and boonie as the base, netting sewed on then re-enforced with polyurethane adhesive, dyed burlap strips and jute strings to build it up. For other airsoft times: Digital Woodland, Tiger Stripe, DPM, Woodland, Tri-Color Desert, Olive Drab.
*edit* Forgot, I also have a Real Tree 3D camo suit that I received for free a few years ago

Where do I reside: Southwest Virginia, most of the time anyway.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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