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Hello, I've been looking at this wonderful forum for a while now and though it is best to finally join. I am also a member of airsoft Canada. Well my line of expertise pretty much starts at sniper rifles and stops at gas pistols. Never seen the internals of an aeg. Well I know every experienced air softer advises against starting off as a sniper but I new the M.O was for me. Like I mentioned earlier I can upgrade and perform modifications on most spring operated snipers (except for cheap clones never bothered with those) and a few tanakas and gbb pistols.

Last year I sold a TM Vsr-10 to start on a new project, tackling the dreaded classic army m24. It's lived up to its reputation of being finicky but I am very close to getting it the way I like it. I am waiting for something pretty rare to arrive in the mail and once it is added to the rifle all have pictures and specs of my build up.

So anyways that's pretty much me and it's a pleasure to be apart of this forum.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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