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Hi there. My username is Magnitude.

I'm an engineer based in the UK. I've been plinking for around 10 years. Started skirmishing a couple of years ago, after a colleague suggested I put my gear to good use.

I've got a JG AUG A2, DMR Primary, 495fps/.2g. Semi only, 0.4g WE Sniper grade BB's :

Parts/mod list:
509 6.01 Madbull Python Barrel
JJ Airsoft AUG Hop Up Chamber
Prometheus Soft Bucking

20C 2200mAh 11.1V Lipo
XT-60 connectors, Silicone wire
Thermal reset fuse
Battery plate removed

Lonex Vented silent piston head (Bearing)
Lonex silent cylinder head
Ultimate Type 0 Cylinder
Element Vortex V3 bearing Spring Guide
Element M135 ST Spring
SHS Aluminium O-ring seal nozzle

Lonex A2
High-Torque CNC Steel Helical Gear Set 100:300
Ultimate Polycarbonate, 10 steel tooth piston
SHS Tappet Plate V3 with 0.75mm ground of the front
Tappet Plate Delayer chip
SHS Cut Off Lever
SHS Heat Resistance Switch
Matrix Shimmed

Foam lined stock and Body
BB feed tube tracer mod
Short trigger pull mod
Anti Reversal Latch removed
All components shimmed and secured so there are no wobbles.

With a WE Glock G18C secondary, 350fps/.2g, 0.25g Airsoft Surgeon BB's:

Parts/mod list:
Angel Custom Bore-Up MAX Loading Nozzle Set
Angel Custom Teflon Coated Rocket Valve
Angel Custom High Performance Steel Recoil Spring Guide Set
Angel Ultimate DYNA Piston Head
Angel Custom 130% Extended Nozzle Spring
Angel Chargin Handle / Rail Mount Night Glow Front & Rear Sight
Matrix IPSC CNC Aluminum Magwell
WE-Tech Reinforced Blowback Nozzle Housing
Guarder Extended Slide Stop
REAPS A+ Airsoft Hopup Bucking
PDI 6.01mm 136mm Barrel
Silverback Red Dot Laser Grip
Red dot scope
5KU SAS Front Kit
5KU Type 2 Aluminum Compensator
Walsoon Mini Red dot Scope
Ace1Arms SAI Style Glock Trigger Group
RA-TECH Brass Outer Barrel
Guarder Extended Mag Release
ACTION 8mm Hammer Bearing
SA Steel 200% Enhanced Strong Recoil Spring
SA Recoil Buffer
Shooters Design 150% Recoil Spring
2x extended Mags-49 rnd each

PTFE Shimmed body matched to polished slide
Polished interfaces
PTFE Shimmed Barrel orifice
Silicone sealed Piston head

My other hobbies include engineering projects like an electric bike, carbon fibre scalextrics car, 200J coil gun, wood burner, DIY watercooled silent PC, etc... I also drink, brew, ski, bike, climb, and a plethora of other things.

Nice to meet you. There seem to be some smart people on this forum. I've been reading for a while. Thought it was time to join as I might have a thing or two to add.

I'm in it for the science. It's all about accuracy, precision, and repeatability, for me.

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That is a very impressive bio.
Very impressive hardware as well.

Very nice to have you here at this forum.
I have seen you pop up at various forums, but glad to have you here.

In regards to the science of airsoft.
There is a wealth of information on the subject.
It is this users view that we as airsofters are only at the beginning of our understanding of the science that produces better performance in our airsoft guns.
So, be careful to subscribe to any viewpoint as doctrine.
Always let the results present themselves as they are, not as what others tell you they are.

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What are the two manufacturers of your guns? Beautiful guns by the way
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