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IR Z kit hop up airsoftgi

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I have ordered this kit before and like the results of it. I just wanted to see how other members have installed there IR hop kits. When I have installed these in the past they usually come ready to drop in your barrel window and go (sometimes with little modifications).

I have been reading some reviews on forum sites on how to install the kit. I have read different things on how some people glue the patch in place and some don't. I have never glued the patch down in place and still have seen some significant differences when I shoot my rifle. I have always felt that the bucking holds it snug in place. Would I have better results if I were to glue it down in place?

I just wanted some different input on how people install them, and what gives the best results.

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Looks exactly like the Clandestine IR hop I bought for $15 + $2.50 something shipping.
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