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I know that probably everyone here is not from Ireland but every signature helps, it adds to the numbers. Our 'fine' government is proposing a new law which gives all the power to our service providers. This'll block youtube etc. for us even if it comes through. Also if it passes here it'll affect other European countries too, why?> A domino effect. That is why this bill is coming up in the first place.
Again thanks, every signature helps, they only ever see the number of siggs.
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topa9495 said:
Wait a sec! The US just had the same situation a few days ago. The law fortunately did not pass. Its weird that it is now an issue in Ireland.

- Topa
It's obviously been a set up international thing. The EU are considering ratifying a similar act that'll cover all of Europe of course. Please sign!
Wandall said:
Signed the damned thing twice with my two separate e-mails. ;)
Hehe I signed it with four.

Anyway thanks guys but it was to no avail, our bast*rd Miister for whatever is signing it anyway, the new thing (MUCH MORE SERIOUS)
Is ACTA, it is possibly worse then SOPA and in june they are going to sign it (After it's been ratified, hopefully not) .

It basically takes all the worst parts from SOPA and punishes us, not the actual criminals (Which I don't want punished either)

ACTA will not only remove torrent sites, but can block youtube and facebook from whole regions even from the smallest report of copyright infringement....

It'l also get rid of porn lads.... (It will actually get rid of the free sites) ... not my words.

It's funny cause his name is Sean Sherlock.
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1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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