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Is a PDI hop up chamber really worth it?

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I know that people say the hop up is the most crucial part to accuracy, more so than a TBB, but is a $80+ PDI chamber really worth it? Of course I'm looking o get my Snow Wolf M24 shooting as far/accurately as possible, but I've been reading about people saying the PDI chamber is more hassle than it's worth, if you can even get it in the right adjustment for your gun. Need some input! Thanks!
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I've never used the pdi chamber personally, but I've seen people fiddle with it and try to modify it and it seems more trouble than it's worth. The stock hop chamber, even though it's pot metal, it is much simpler than the pdi chamber.

With the TDC mod, even if you do screw up drilling the outer barrel, which is very hard to mess up, it won't do anything to your gun. It'll just be a cosmetic thing if you don't use the hole. If you really want you can put some j-b weld putty over it and sand it smooth.

The screw with the TDC mod can also go as far in or out as you like, so your only limit for how much hop you apply is when your bb gets stuck. People do the TDC mod even with the pdi chamber, so the only advantage to it is the ability to use AEG barrels (I think).
You could just go with the R-hop Z kit. It's like... $20 more, but it takes out all the work for you.
You will still probably have to sand it down. The only work it takes out is trimming the legs, but most of the time you don't need to do that anyway. The z-kit also only gives you one or two useable patches out of the three. If the middle one fits for example, the smaller one is already out of the picture because you can't add material to a leg so it will be too short.

I suggest you go with the normal kit. It will also give you more experience in fitting them.
Why wouldn't you be able to install the r-hop on the stock barrel? If you have brasso or some other abrasive polish you can polish the inside of your stock barrel to get a really good quality bore.

Large hardware stores like home depot probably won't have sandpaper over 280 grit, and even if they did it is going to be over priced. You'd be better off going to an automotive store. They probably have the really fine sandpaper for polishing the finish on cars. If you can't find it there I got mine from amazon.
Google them and see what metals they would be good for. I don't have any experience with those abrasive polishes so I can't give any difinitive answer.
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