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Is a PDI hop up chamber really worth it?

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I know that people say the hop up is the most crucial part to accuracy, more so than a TBB, but is a $80+ PDI chamber really worth it? Of course I'm looking o get my Snow Wolf M24 shooting as far/accurately as possible, but I've been reading about people saying the PDI chamber is more hassle than it's worth, if you can even get it in the right adjustment for your gun. Need some input! Thanks!
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I could understand why thatmight be so but im just scared about drilling into the outer barrel. Lol i have little handy-man experience but i may try it eventually
I guess i'll try the TDC mod when i have the time then. But one thing i was wondering was what kind of bucking does the Jav/Snow Wolf M24 accept? Last night I modified a systema bucking (AEG) to fit the chamber (accepts APS2 barrels so I'm guessing APS2 bucking?) but I have yet to test out it's consistency.
Again, i do not have the tools/experience to file down an rhop evenly. I feel as though i might just screw them up by failing on a file-job):
If I remember correctly, I should be using atleast a 400 grit sandpaper right?
On that note, I should probably order my replacement barrel and do the Rhop on that instead of on the stock barrel huh? I am willing to do the TDC mod, just gotta find the time and take a trip to Home Depot to get some 400 grit sandpaper. For now i'm just trying to familiarize myself with the whole process&steps to get it right so that when the time comes I wont be sitting there on ny butt wondering what to do next. Lol
I could install it on the stock but i was thinking that if i upgrade my barrel, there may (or may not) be a small difference in the window although it is still an APS2 cut. Maybe i'm just being paranoid though. Lol and also, when i was cleaning/inspecting my barrel, i did see one or two sort of like "cuts" or deep scratches in the barrel, which further leads me to believe i did not receive a new unit. I am willing to try the polish and see if it changes anything but i do plan on replacing the barrel in the future.

A quick google search brought me to this

Seems that my home depot does have it in stock so i might drop by today!
Yeah, I know that it wouldn't be perfect but i received the gun in a beat up opened box with some stock scratches, a broken mag, and the "messy" barrel but i didnt wanna go through the hassel of sending back the gun since it was firing and i could work with what was given. But back to topic, i think i might try to do the TDC mod when i get home today actually... Haha
It is APS2 in a sort of VSR10 body. It accepts APS2 barrels, but has the adjustment arm of a VSR10.
Yeah, true on the first two points. I was debating on ordering the PDI chamber which is why i wanted to know if it was worth it through this thread. I have read of people getting the M24 PDI chamber and having to custom fit it to the Jav/SW M24 as they are in fact the same gun. And the custom fitting didnt go well on the accounts i have read about:p
Silentball, Do you have an R hop in addition to those upgrades?

Also, I am still unable to find a bucking for the SW M24 besides the Falcon bucking specific for the M24,.
I guess I'll follow in your footsteps for now then. TDC for now.

I just did a garage scavenge and found "Mothers Mag&Aluminum Polish" and "Turtle Wax Rubbing Compound." Will these suffice for a barrel polish?:O
I just did the polish and it actually looks good inside, but I'm just a noob and it could just be psychological:p But the Mother's Mag&Aluminum says "Not recommended for gold plating, chrome, anodized, painted, or coated metals." Not sure where the stock barrel fulls into besides a brass barrel.?

It also says "If black residue does not appear, STOP, it is not a polishable metal." - My barrel had tons of black residue (lol) so I'm assuming I'm okay?

Also, I just found a set of "Nicholson Round Handle Needle Files" although I do not know how fine these files are (they do look pretty fine, but I have little experience with files and all that):p
Sorry to double post, but I did the mod last night. Should I put a material like an eraser on the end of the screw to help cushion it, since it's metal on plastic (arm)? My set up currently is a hex nut, washer, spring, and an M4 hex screw. I will be jb welding the nut to the barrel tomorrow.
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