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Is a PDI hop up chamber really worth it?

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I know that people say the hop up is the most crucial part to accuracy, more so than a TBB, but is a $80+ PDI chamber really worth it? Of course I'm looking o get my Snow Wolf M24 shooting as far/accurately as possible, but I've been reading about people saying the PDI chamber is more hassle than it's worth, if you can even get it in the right adjustment for your gun. Need some input! Thanks!
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I have the original PDI hop up chamber for the VSR-10. (Bore up edition) It is a fine piece of equipment. I am happy with it. But as everyone had said here, it is a pain to tune. Requires extremely fine tuning and most likely a little custom work to get your nub to sit correctly. I run an SCS nub that is positioned to the center with heavy gauge foam. Very tedious work. I also have a small custom spring that I salvaged off of a pen positioned between the arms and the inside of the outer barrel. This is to apply extra pressure because the two o-rings are not enough to raise heavy bbs. Then the pressure can be adjusted finely with the grub screws on the bottom. Very complex for a hop up haha. But it has been worth my while. The PDI chamber does apply pressure more evenly than a stock TM Chamber in my opinion because there is no "flex" with the arms. The pressure is applied from the top downward, like the TDC mod :) hope it helped some! Good luck!
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