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I do agree with Spartan that many try sniping out with a UTG, but then they will see that with 450 FPS a bad Bi-pod, crappy lens quality, not such a great hop up and an unreliable FPS drop after lots of use, that sniping is not a piece of cake, and you can't do it with no skill and a cheap rifle especially since 98% of UTGers (my new word ;)) don't use ghillies. This will hopefully cause them to go to clone M4's and clone M15's probably made by Echo and find out that it's fun spraying 300 rounds a match and actually accumulating a kill or two! (since Echo is accually pretty good) Which most would not have been able to do with a cheap clone sniper.

And even better those that do find out that thier not bad with a UTG will then go into upgrades or a new gun and the TRUE art of sniping will be preserved.

(not someone with a sniper's rifle but one with true instinct and skill that can dominate the field with a rifle, some camo, and lots of incredible skill. Which from my experience shows only a small group of people have acquired or have the patience to do so. look at this forum of Snipers compared to AirSoftForum with a crap load of kids on)

...we can only hope...

...or school the crap out of all UTGers until they give up and want to change back to a big fully-auto weapon.
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