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My Opinion: There are Snipers, then there are Marksman, then there are Randoms aka "Randy's".

"Randy's" are the guys you see with the clones, Carhart jackets and Woodland bottoms. Despite the fact hes probably just getting into the game, his rifle will always be equal to his skill level... Just short of hitting the enemy.

Marksman play the field, maybe hes toting a DMR or even a full blown bolt action. You will see him on the frontline picking off the enemy, holding his teams morale high. This guy may or may not have a ghillie on, or even a painted weapon, but he still is taking his shots one after another with accuracy. Countersnipers are in this category too.

Now the Sniper is the slow and low kind of guy, hes fully dedicated to getting his target off the field. Slithering through the shadows on the forest bed. Taking time getting to know your rifle is key, and the Sniper knows all about it, its proven with the one shot one kill. A Sniper can play a Marksman, depending on field size and players.

I think it comes from them seeing people who are good thinking they can do it too. Also all the clones.
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