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Very good Dutton.

On topic:

Embed said it best, the surge of sniper's are simply because of the wave of clones, it happens in waves. Usually after x-mas/other holidays parent's buy their kids a UTG so they can be the 1337 sniper that Vasili Zeitsev was or Carlos Hathcock (If anyone even knew who he was) and then they find out that they suck with it and usually middle of summer it dies down. It's how the rotation has gone for this entire year so far.

Reguardless, no matter what the circumstance, I don't call someone who shoots a UTG a sniper, I call them target practice. Unless of course they have real military experience and are just dicking around while they're on leave for a week or two. Also Rabbit is right, 98% of UTG snipers don't bother to invest in the proper camouflage to do it. Which makes for a pretty bad move on their part.

The thing is with a kid's mentality that buys a clone, he'll buy it. Shoot around with his buddies and be like "Oh, my clone sniper is going farther than your clone or stock AEG, therefore I own". But then they hit the field, meet people who shoot upgraded AEG's and high end stock AEG's, and shit their pants when they find out that a Tanaka M500 Gas pistol shoots farther than their 1337 rifle (Seriously, I seen it happen in person).

Anyways, to answer your question breifly, no there will never be all snipers, and yes, there is a push for snipers.. Because of examples already stated.
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