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Is The ARES M40A5 Real?

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The M40A5 took the airsoft community by a storm when announced back in February, and now there is little to no info posted since, of this rifles release. It is not on the new or upcoming links for AirsoftGI or Evike, and ARES does not even have the rifle listed on their own website... I wonder if there was real intent to bring this rifle to market at all?

I may have to opt out and get that Hokkatsu M40A3 wannabe from EHobby Asia dor $199 when it gets back in stock... But if the ARES M40A5 is a go, I would much rather have it. Anyone else wondering where the new info on the M40A5 is at?
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This is standard policy of Ares!
Their WA2K released after 2 years of the initial announce! If I were you I wouldn't make plans for it!

It will be released some day...!

That's too bad. From the videos that they paraded this rifle around in, they made it sound like they were ready to start rolling these rifle out.
You can't trust Ares ... Trust me I know, I'm still waiting reply for some replacement parts for my DSR1, I request the parts in mid November(!) and I've sent them at least 800 emails!!

There go my plans for an M40A5 stock for my VSR then...
Still waiting on their AK FCU.....

they are not a fast company, but you do need to give them credit for making new stuff while everybody else just copies the old.
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