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Is there a viable concealment option that is not a ghillie?

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From analysis of my time as a sniper, I've found that I'm far too mobile for a ghillie suit to work for me... My usual tactic is to lie in wait, shoot, then dart to another piece of cover. While the enemy is moving to find my new position, I sneak away, then engage them. It's hard, tiring, and risky but it works. That being said, my current loadout (which involves a black field jacket) is not working too well for concealment.

I've been thinking of various camo patterns and whatnot, but I figured I'd ask here before blowing money. Also, if there are lightweight (and less bulky) ghillie variants, I'd be open to those. Keep in mind that I play in both fall and summer in pretty thick woods. It also crests 90 Farenheit in the summer (not to mention the humidity), which is why a ghillie is out of the question

What should I consider?
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A person at my field uses A-TACS and it is hard as hell to find him, even when he is moving slowly. I am planning to get some too, because for pick-up games, my ghillie is just too much of a hassle, I move way too much for it to be effective.
ATACS Arid or Woodland?

And I feel that comment about hassle... It's why I have forever turned my back on AEGs. Too much prep time. I like to just grab my SVD, gear, and BBs, then head out to the field to shoot my friends.
I know in the winter you can have German snow poncho
Webtex concealment vest is what you're looking for.
Yeah I agree about the Webtex Concealment Vest. Look no further than that!
I know you said no ghillie, but have you looked at ghillie 'ranger' suits? Just cover your head, arms, and back. Very mobile.
Viper Hood. Works great with PC's, chest rigs, etc. Soon to be working on one for another member of another forum. Will upload pics once finished.
I'll take a look at the webtex vest. I may try to make a ghillie hood of sorts, but I want to go as light as possible.
Viper Hood. Works great with PC's, chest rigs, etc. Soon to be working on one for another member of another forum. Will upload pics once finished.
Can you pm me a price for Viper Hood to cover a CR?
I would also recommend you a webtex concealment vest or some copy of that(MFH). I have used a ghillie that is built on that vest and I love it. Easy to put on/take of and doesn't restrict your movement too much.
But if ghillies are total no go, russian sumrak could be a good choice. I just bought one and it seems to be pretty perfect for sniping since it is very loose and has some loops on the shoulders so you can attach a little vegetation on it. Haven't used it yet because of the winter but so far so good.
Yeah, it looks like Webtex is the way to go for this.

Could a scrim work for you? They should be handy at breaking up man-shape and helping hide glints.
Hey defgun, I had the same problem you are currently experiencing. What I did was construct a ghillie blanket to where I could fit it into a medium size backpack so I could shoot and move. So far it has been a great success and I am starting to like it more than my actual ghillie suit. I used some 1 inch cargo netting and multiple colors of burlap followed by some of the areas local vegitation. Very cheap and cost effective. Best thing about it is you can remove and add vegiatation to help better adapt yourself to the local terrain.
Viper hood! I do believe I will win one starting around fall. And multicam.
Where I play, Multicam is called "Multisham"... too tan and too light.

I just got an M84 Woodland Camo BDU set with a matching boonie cap. I'll field it tomorrow and see how it goes.
Something that a guys has done at my field, which most you probably wouldn't want to do, is gather up some old BDU's (of different camo types) that don't fit and sew patches and sections on a different set. That way there is a a break up of a certain pattern and in my opinion works very well for this guy. Every single game, he is completely hidden. I can never find him and he always ends up getting me out.
I just bought the Chameleon you have listed above. I will review it after my first event using it- of course, I am a beginning DMR marksman/sniper, so bear that in mind- I imagine a real ghillie is WAY heavier than this thing.

I threw it on when it arrived, and I was surprsied at how comfortable it is, and how much netting space it has to add veg or jute, etc. The poncho cut is also real nice to just throw on quickly after you're suited up and ready to go.

Matter of fact, I'm thinking of getting a MOLLE large pouch or perhaps a backpack with hydration (instead of my usual stealth camelbak) to be able to carry it around in case I decide to take it off or on while on the field.

I'll try and get pics later.
Also do not forget about ponchos, they are light weight, do wonders at breaking up the human outline, and can slip over almost any amount of gear, and to top it all off, are generally really cheap. one downside is the M81 Woodland pattern one I currently use is made from nylon so is a bit shinier then I would like, as well as not being the greatest pattern to hide with.
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