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I just bought the Chameleon you have listed above. I will review it after my first event using it- of course, I am a beginning DMR marksman/sniper, so bear that in mind- I imagine a real ghillie is WAY heavier than this thing.

I threw it on when it arrived, and I was surprsied at how comfortable it is, and how much netting space it has to add veg or jute, etc. The poncho cut is also real nice to just throw on quickly after you're suited up and ready to go.

Matter of fact, I'm thinking of getting a MOLLE large pouch or perhaps a backpack with hydration (instead of my usual stealth camelbak) to be able to carry it around in case I decide to take it off or on while on the field.

I'll try and get pics later.
1 - 2 of 25 Posts
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