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How much powder in the .17 ?????
If it is the .50 amount, I am surprised the project does not break apart.

I have a real steel gun (9 mm) that I can load to about 1400 FPS. 100m shots all day long.

As for the airsoft, 550 is the limit for the local fields.This was with .38g bbs, now I grabbed some .20, I will see what that is.

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It is a 33 grain projectile with 230 grains of powder. It travels at 5883 fps i.e. Mach 5.
In order to make the projectile not disintegrate special barrels have to be used: 3-groove, polygonal-rifling 1:20″-twist. The bullets are not jacketed but turned on a lathe.
That will do the trick... LOL
To be honest I would use the joules as a reference since you will presumably be shooting .38s anyway.
I will be shooting .40s and up. I have about 10K of .40.
I am pretty much right at the limit (they chrono with .2)

I set out to build this VSR with these numbers. As close to 550 FPS as possible. Got to stay within the rules.
AA T11
AA 430mm 6.01 bbl
M150 spring
AA Cylinder Blue one 90 deg

Only thing left for me to change will be the fire control group.... its meh at best.

Running a Bushnell AR 1-4 that I had laying about.
Waiting on a crappy 1 pc mount to come in. Decided I wanted to RunCam the fun, soon top of the LVPO it goes.
I dont like high bore glass on "precision" rifles, so low/med high rings/mount is best mount.
Hopefully that shows up in the next hour so I can range fire it.

nevermind shots 1 and 2(double feed) ...... .32 bbs
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yeah, they use .20 for every chrono except pistols. That is .28.
There are good amount of rules regarding FPS, min. distance, and the likes. To be honest, they are pretty good rules.
We dont have the "no head shots" garbage either so....

I took it up to my range where, I can go out to 110 yards (real steel).....which really means I can take an airsoft out to 200 yards if no one is around.
I could only find room for about 90 yards or 82 meters. I had no problems with hitting that. Thats a decent distance for most fields, so if that is all I can get, I will be OK with it.
I do think I may be able to do 100 yards/92m or a bit further. Oh, this is with .40bbs.

As for accuracy. Well, by the airsoft sniper standards, this thing is a tack driver.
I ran some .20, .32, and .40.
Obviously, the 40 did the best at longer distance.
I would get 5-6 that were pretty much a hit. 3-4 of them would have been spot on headshots @ the 90 yards.
Then I would get one flyer of "where the F ya going little buddy?" . Thats bbs for you, or the range has some interesting wind patterns too.
Its all 30 foot tall bays of various sizes. The wind scan be two different directions when sending even 22 LR.

I could not ask for much better performance out of it. EXCEPT for that trigger..... holy hell, that needs some lovin'.
What I have will work for now, but, its like the fat girl/ moped joke.... you'll diddle your finger in it and not really tell your buddies about it.
I have a feeling it will end up with a Springer fire control group in the near future.

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Well, this thing will definitely go 110 yards (330 feet).
I ran up to the range to get some me time with this new boing stick (it does not go bang, so).
I was hitting a USPSA / IPSC target at that distance and found a few BBs a few feet past it on the berm.

Accuracy is a different question.
shooting some .40g as that is all I have.
Some .45s are due in tomorrow, lets hope they are a bit better.

So, I am happy with this.

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45 was the biggest I could find to have them this weekend... LOL.

I will have to order some other stuff in the next few weeks, I will get some.

I have a few tweaks I still need to make for this thing to be a giggle stick.
Scope is a bit canted, so I need to level that up. I eyeballed it and am pretty damn close, but just enough to cant the reticle about 2-3 degrees.
I just slapped an AR cantilever 1 piece base, so I could clear the Scope Cam, OR I can mount it on top. That needs to be adjusted to fit ME better, but I need to
sort out my cheek weld. I am going to need a riser. I am probably going to use one I have laying around somewhere. Drilling the stock should not be too much of an issue.

Only bad thing I can say about this build is the mag swapping. Its a bit finicky, or I just dont know the trick. I have to have the bolt pulled and still tap it in pretty good.
I mean it is 50 rounds, but, still.

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So I got a chance to play with the .45s and was very happy.
250 feet it was super flat and made me giggle.
I think it dropped about 3" and I can deal with that.
I did get a solid kill at 200' of 2 for the whole day.
I kept getting enemies wandering into my hide AO and had to take em out with the pistol.
Then had to move as they knew my location. Hi-Capas are kind of loud.
My new Scopecam2 locked up and stopped responding when I got home and only got the long shot.
I seem to have misplaced (probably lost) my card reader. I picked up an SJCam instead of a GoPro.
$40 over $ brainer.
The SJCam looks well and performed well. User error was pretty common on Saturday as the idiot running hit kept hitting the wrong button.
I did get one clip of me killing a fellow bush.
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