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Is this a TM PSG-1 clone?

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Random derping on interwebs when...

(taken from

(taken from

Manufactured by Seiko/Bell/Electric Tactical, it's called the "FD-605," and it's $60-ish dollars. If this thing is a legit PSG-1 clone, I'd wet myself.

(HK, half the price lol)

I'm mainly interested to see if this thing is accurately cloned. I really hope it incorporates the "pre-compression" system that the TM PSG-1 has (I admittedly am somewhat an AEG noob, so any of you experts out there smite me now if I speak a sin). Extra points for the charging handle, which I don't know if it legitly works (the TM one actually does work and is required, I believe).

Someone buy this and take it apart pls. Only $60-ish dollah...
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I highly doubt it, but it it actually is, then I'd be wetting my pants too.
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