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Is this a TM PSG-1 clone?

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Random derping on interwebs when...

(taken from

(taken from

Manufactured by Seiko/Bell/Electric Tactical, it's called the "FD-605," and it's $60-ish dollars. If this thing is a legit PSG-1 clone, I'd wet myself.

(HK, half the price lol)

I'm mainly interested to see if this thing is accurately cloned. I really hope it incorporates the "pre-compression" system that the TM PSG-1 has (I admittedly am somewhat an AEG noob, so any of you experts out there smite me now if I speak a sin). Extra points for the charging handle, which I don't know if it legitly works (the TM one actually does work and is required, I believe).

Someone buy this and take it apart pls. Only $60-ish dollah...
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The photos contradict the photo on the gun's box. It looks... decent. Considering how the TM is also plastic, obviously
This whole rifle seems to be made from a low quality molded plastic.This will not compare to a TM.
Plastic does not necessarily equal cheap as there are many differnt grades and methods of making plastic products. This is one of the most common misconceptions Ive seen in airsoft, that for something to be quality it must be high FPS and metal/wood.
Look into real rifles and pistols and you will find lots of high quality plastics used.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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