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Is this barrel any good?

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I am getting a Prometheus 6.05 barrel for my JG Vsr-10 but the problem I'm having is that the thing has 6.05mm diameter of space (which is above average for tightbores) but the main thing is that it is 433mm long even though my normal VSR-10 barrel is 430mm long and so I'm wondering if that will make my shots inconsistent or it will break down easier
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That is a very good barrel, it should work just fine for you. Is it better than the barrel that is in there now? Who really knows, you would have to do some tests with some very expensive equipment to really tell.

That barrel certainly won't be worse, and no there is no chance of it being less consistent or causing damage to your gun. Unless you screw up installing it.

My guess to brutally honest, any increase in performance you see will probably be in your own mind to justify spending that kind of money on a barrel lol. But we all do it, so don't feel bad about it. You will constantly see me saying things to the effect that I don't think half this stuff really makes a difference. Yet I have replaced the barrel in every airsoft gun I have lol. I just didn't do it with 100 dollar ones because I am cheap.

I think the best place to spend money would be on a quality hop up and bucking and quality bb's.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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