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It sticks. Just how much is too much?

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Fairly new to sniping (about 2 wks)Just how liberal can one be with silicon oil w/o it causing problems down the line?

And what is a good grease lubricant safe for these moveable parts?

SSG with WASP piston and m180 spring. Standard hop and bucking (apologize if I am not using correct terms for describing parts).

As I was going thru configurations to see what is optimum, the head on the piston quit wanting to pop out of its cylinder. I use to have to push down (met with resistance) to try and screw the nozzle of the bolt on (part that feeds into the hopup). It'll now stay down making it ALOT easier to assemble. I sometimes have to use a bit of persuasion to remove piston if it has not been fully assembled and fired.

Just as sticking piston started happening, lost around .4J from my heavy cylinder/med brake setup.

Good airseal. 6-7 drops of silicon oil on head from initial assembly. Have cleaned and checked all components.

I want to get back in the neighborhood of 2.68J since I had obtained it prior to trying different air brakes. This happened right after I went back to my hvy/med combo to verify it was indeed the best setup .

Shot the gun this evening, 10 (X5 .43 and X5 .36) all around 2.3J and 340(.43) and 370 FPS.

I'll continue to poke around and find more info, but have not seen anything describing this scenario (yet.....)

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I'd just go to a hardware store and ask around from there, probably cheaper than buying 100 packs of screws
These are tiny little buggers. Probably end up having to use a grub screw to even get close to correct size.....

Just seeing if members have had luck when small pieces went flying and need a replacement.


I don't believe that you're able to buy singular screws on McMaster, so trying different ones may become expensive.

Btw, I guarantee that the threads on your screws are metric, and are most definitely a common thread pitch and diameter.
I suggest that you measure the ID of the holes, and look for a metric screw with a diameter close to that.
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You can order small quantities from mcmaster. Though would be easier to go to a bolt and screw supplier that is local to you. Not lowes or home depot. I know for a fact HD will not have anything that small. (I work for home depot, and I order all the little packs of screws and shit on the hardware aisle.)
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Already spend enough time in HD, thanks for saving me a few mins ....

I will swing by a specialty shop and see what they have, otherwise, may just have to rob the X3 screws from the other bolt.....

If you have a Paul Bs near you, that place is perfect for airsoft hardware. I go there weekly and they don’t even ask if I need help finding what I need anymore lol
Appears the closet one is in PA.

I know of two individuals in the area, you and another teammate Grunt79 .....

yep that’s the one I go to all the time lol. I know Ej too!
OK,help me spend money......

Someone is getting out of the sniper game and has a Striker (gen 2) hPa with Wolverine bolt with tank/reg/line set ... Working on inner etc, but info coming from a third party and not seller.

Two things, is the Wolverine compatible with an SSG10?

Left hand conversion as easy as a ssg10.

I am trying to find out for myself, but if anyveyrans can offer up any knowledge, greatly appreciated!

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The bolt in the striker is different from the bolts for the Vsr. The Vsr has 2 bolts, one is electronic. In my opinion, the electronic bolt is better in the Vsr. If you want to spend money, buy that. It will work in the Ssg, little modification required for install. Nothing abnormal for a normal Vsr bolt install.
Converting an ssg10 to left handed is easy. Pretty sure not has the parts on his site.
I was asking for a left hand conversion for the Striker.

After getting in touch with the owner, he may be leaving the sniper role, but his purchase price is too high (based on what I was able to learn and compare for what is out there in the open market).

I am still watching, but only time will tell.....

Thanks for the quick help!

Oh gotcha, good luck!!
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