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It's me, Ripperkon

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Name: Konstantin M.
Callsign: Ripperkon

Country: Germany

I am currently in the german Army (Don't want to tell more about that).
Interested in Airsoft since 2006. Started playing seriously in 2010.
Extensively using und making ghillie suits since 2007.

My arsenal:
- Tanaka Works M700 AICS (Gas | HPA)

- Ares G36 DMR (S-AEG)

- Custom SPR (S-AEG)

- Custom M4 (AEG)

- UTG Master Sniper (Spring - will sell it soon)

- Maruzen P99 FS (NBB)
- X-Five Sig Sauer P226 (CO2)

My Camo: I mainly use 'Flecktarn'. The pattern of the 'Bundeswehr' (german army). I also have some selfmade ghillie suits.

Me on Youtube:


Homepage about me:

Other hobbies: Ghillie suits, walking, hiking, sewing, ....

That should be enought
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Welcome man we sure can use your knowledge!

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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