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It's mine - mine - mine !

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Well at last a proper rifle (Classic Army M24) and it's had a skirmish this week end !
Still in stock form , had a very first shot , a head-shot at 20 meters .
The usual PDI refinements are on the way ;) .

Today we had a very nice new field (an abandoned ammo silo from the cold war era - many such silos made during the early years of the cold war in order to stack weapons and ammo for the guerrillas in case communism took over Greece )

Our task today (as a shooter - spotter team) was "interdiction"
We were tasked to over watch from a hill , the road to the silo and interdict the passage of the enemy force , and or made them to take another routing more "convenient" to our forces .

My spotter is a former paratrooper .

We were very successful - we pinned down the enemy who diverted his attention from the main task to us and we inflicted many casualties and confusion . They tried to flank us and in some degree they succeeded , we even had to draw our handguns in close range . However we managed to hold until the few enemy withdrew due to ammo and battery depletion !

(early turkey-shot)

(the enemy is within!)

One of the best games I've had in years !
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Yankee said:
Very nice pictures. The land looks great too. Who took the pictures?
Thanx . A team member who was unfortunate enough to have a camera with him and "assigned" to us as a "military correspondent" took some pics in the beginning and staged some in the aftermath .

(he drew some fire for us too ;) )
Mosin said:
Very good stuff, a few problems I noticed on a quick glance.

-Your skylining (From a brief look I would see you and your spotters' head on top of the hill because you're directly on top).

-No vegetation (Stick out like a boner in a bathing suit, yeah..)

Other than those two, pictures look pretty cool, and the land looks alright, use vegetation to your advantage, and you'll be more feared than you could imagine.
I don't disagree at all . Just bear in mind that most pics are staged (just for fun) . In game positioning and camo was a totally different thing ,we used extensively the vegetation (on the ground and on us) . Nevertheless it was a good spot because it gave us a huge advantage in firing range , good firing arks and unlimited visibility .
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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