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It's mine - mine - mine !

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Well at last a proper rifle (Classic Army M24) and it's had a skirmish this week end !
Still in stock form , had a very first shot , a head-shot at 20 meters .
The usual PDI refinements are on the way ;) .

Today we had a very nice new field (an abandoned ammo silo from the cold war era - many such silos made during the early years of the cold war in order to stack weapons and ammo for the guerrillas in case communism took over Greece )

Our task today (as a shooter - spotter team) was "interdiction"
We were tasked to over watch from a hill , the road to the silo and interdict the passage of the enemy force , and or made them to take another routing more "convenient" to our forces .

My spotter is a former paratrooper .

We were very successful - we pinned down the enemy who diverted his attention from the main task to us and we inflicted many casualties and confusion . They tried to flank us and in some degree they succeeded , we even had to draw our handguns in close range . However we managed to hold until the few enemy withdrew due to ammo and battery depletion !

(early turkey-shot)

(the enemy is within!)

One of the best games I've had in years !
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Very good stuff, a few problems I noticed on a quick glance.

-Your skylining (From a brief look I would see you and your spotters' head on top of the hill because you're directly on top).

-No vegetation (Stick out like a boner in a bathing suit, yeah..)

Other than those two, pictures look pretty cool, and the land looks alright, use vegetation to your advantage, and you'll be more feared than you could imagine.
Hahah, ah, I see... I'm one of those people that needs a full blown vegetation shot and whatnot for it to look bad ass, but that field looks amazing, no doubt.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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