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Just try ITW Gen III mag pouch , is quite impressive.

The Generation III FastMags is a heavy user of the 5.56mm AR-15 platform.The FastMags are a polymer AR-15 magazine carrier with an open-top, and an elastic tension band. The band provides tension between the front and back pieces that overlap each other. The front side of the FastMag will move outward, but only so far before the enclosed sliding parts meet the end of the sliding track.

The FastMag offers an great advancement in magazine storage. There are several great improvements of Gen III FastMags that make it better than Gen I and Gen II FastMags.
First, the Gen III tension band is much stronger, eliminating any need to extra bands for tension strength. Users can confidently mount the FastMag with the open-top facing down.
The second big improvement is the addition of mounting slots on the front side of the FastMag. The Gen III Fast Mag was the first model to have mounting slots on the front side . hence, FastMags could be double-stacked.
There are two versions of the Gen III FastMag. The MOLLE/P.A.L.S. model has two tabs on the top of the back side. These tabs slide under two MOLLE attachment tags for greater retention. The second version is a stacking model that does not have the MOLLE attachment tabs on the top. Both versions have MOLLE compatible mounting straps on the back side.

can give it a try
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