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I've found my favorite gear.

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After going through a good number of vests and rigs during my career as a sniper I have finally found the gear that works for me. It carries all of my magazines with ease, it has my hydration stored, and it holds extra bags of ammo, a container of propane, binoculars, my side arm, tools, and still has plenty of room for more. Best thing is that it is the lightest, most maneuverable kit I've ever seen.

This is Alice gear. Although it is a much old design than the ever popular MOLLE gear, I find it suits the sniper role perfectly. It is still customizable, you can attach a variety of different pouches wherever you choose but you don't need a bulky, hot plate carrier vest. The set up I am running with now consists of an H harness and a belt. All I need to carry everything is a butt pack, 2 canteens, and around 5 double mag pouches(6 extra pistol magazines and 4 extra rifle mags) all set up on the sides and back area of my belt; it doesn't limit your crawling capabilities in the least. You barely notice it. The entire rig is very comfortable; it is nice and snug so it doesn't bounce around at all.

Finding gear that will carry everything you need and then some yet is light and maneuverable as a sniper has been a challenge. From what I hear, most of the sniper community here and elsewhere would probably agree. I find that a nice, yet cheap Alice gear kit fills every expectation a sniper could want and I highly advise it to anyone and everyone.
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I've got you some pictures!-

I just had to include a shot of the john in that last one.

Here is it laid out:
The rig can hold everything I listed in my original post; this back pack can carry even more :) It has my ghillie, an MRE, a gallon of water, and 2 propane tanks. I was just looking to see what all it could hold.
Soldier, please try not to double post, or in you case quadruple post. When you want to add something please use the edit function.
silentfury214 said:
Soldier, please try not to double post, or in you case quadruple post. When you want to add something please use the edit function.
I believe the reason he had to post multiple times was because in order to get the photos up, he had to attach a photo to each post.

You can only attach one to each individual post so that explains that.

Soldier, I recommend using photobucket, as you can post a bunch of pictures without having to post multiple times. Just download them to your computer and then upload them onto here using photobucket.
Really? I never knew that. I guess it was because I always use photobucket.
Nice set up! I run something similar to that with a Y harness. I find it is the best set up for sniping too. It makes it extremely easy to crawl (no pouches in front of you) and is light weight.
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