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I've lost it in my head apparently...

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My WA-2000 is sadly up for sale... :'(

The greatest rifle I have ever owned... and I'm ditching it...
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If any of you guys happen to have any Shmidt & Bender or Zeiss Hensoldt Optics, a Blaser R93 LRS2 or Tactical 2 in .300 Win Mag or .308, Norinco NDM-86 in 54r, or Izhmash Tigers up for trade then feel free to contact me.

Now for the third time of relisting my rifle on the bullshit ebay website... a0b7485b2

The Kar98 can be found on ebay to. Ending very soon.
I still have 4 other sniper rifles I can use man, plus I'm really not to concerned with this selling instantly. Even though 5 months is a bit of a stretch, chances are I will still have this for the competition.

Plus, this was a real quick decision for me to attempt to sell this, I got offered a NDM-86 and am just trying to get the money before my chance to buy it is gone.
3000$ for the Asahi WA-2000 DX
1 - 5 of 9 Posts
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