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JAE M14 stock

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Hey guys, just found this over on a site that I have a few parts coming from.

I know a while back a lot of people were looking at the real steel stock for airsoft mods. Well now you don't have to try and mod a real steel stock. They now have the JAE stock system.

I am kinda wishing now that I didn't trade my M14
oh well I guess, can't win them all.
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wow...actually looks decent, and it's inexpensive....what's the catch?

Besides that it probably doesn't fit CA M14's....
malice4you said:
Besides that it probably doesn't fit CA M14's....
They said that about the KART EBR but I proved them wrong ;) Chances are a G&G/CA M14 will fit in this 100% easier than it was to do the EBR conversion :-/
I realize this brings an old thread to minimal life...

but I did this exact MOD...

bought the JAE and tried it with G&G/CA and also TM M14

all three work...
although the TM works with the best and easiest (NO MOD required) and as an added bonus the TM cuts the weight of the weapon system by a pound or two
This looks like a similar look to the real steel White Feather M25 from Springfield Armory.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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